WordPress for Marketing


A potential client has been asking questioning me why I choose to use WordPress to build my sites. In this case he was particularly interested in the advantages it gave or indeed didn’t give to someone interested in marketing to promote a small business, events or services.

Marketing is a very generic term and of course covers a very wide range of topics from real world to web.

However when I think about web marketing I principally think of two things.

1 – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – getting listed high enough in the search engines so that my content gets discovered by surfers.

2 – Creating a following and communicating with that following via blogging blogging and social media sites.

The great thing is that both of these compliment each other. Regularly put out quality content and build a dedicated following and your SEO ranking will increase. As your SEO ranking increases with relevant content and keywords, the more people will find you and start spreading the content and the cycle continues.

WordPress is ideal for both of these. This is exactly what it was originally designed for even back in the days when it was just a simple blogging platform. Now it has expanded to a fully fledged content management system that can be used to create complex websites.

Third Party Plugins

WordPress is open source and it has been around for sometime. As a result there are literally thousands of plugins to enable various different forms of functionality in your website. True, some are better than others but it’s generally pretty easy to figure out which ones are quality. They are all listed on theWordPress/plugins page and are all subjected to user rankings and reviews.

Anything from email capture, to web shops, to affiliate marketing platforms, membership sites, hotel booking systems, analytics, multi media rich elements like image sliders or galleries, the list is endless. Many third party marketing services like Mail Chimp or AWeber provide plugins of their own and make it really easy to integrate them.

I was talking with a client recently about taking advantage of cookies to give returning visitors a different experience then new ones. I just stumbled upon this plugin that looks pretty cool for that sort of thing. What Would Seth Godin Do Plugin

You will find both free plugins and ones you have to pay for. In my experience there are plenty of fantastic free ones and very reasonable rates on the paid for ones.

If for any reason you don’t find what your looking for or you simply like to build your own features then this is also very easy to integrate. I would argue easier than doing so with a hard coded static site and certainly much easier to manage and change. This is of course true also if you ever wanted to hire a developer to build something for you.

I could talk for hours about all of this but in the interest of this post not getting out of hand, i’ll wrap it up.

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