Heroic Hugh Herr

As a rock climber myself I was particularly inspired by this image. We are all capable of so much yet in general people seem so bent on finding flaws with themselves.

Heroic Hugh Herr enjoys nothing more than scaling a cliff – even though both his legs were amputated after a disastrous climbing expedition when he was a teenager. Photo: Caters News Agency


Stupid and Lazy

Seth Godin - Link to blog.

The first time I’ve heard someone put this into words. I’ve long shared this sentiment myself. Thanks Seth!

Stupid and lazy

(Is it that you can’t do it or perhaps you don’t want to do the work?)

When I was in college, I took a ton of advanced math courses, three or four of them, until one day I hit the wall. Too many dimensions, transformations and toroids for me to keep in my head. I was too stupid to do really hard math so I stopped.