WordPress for Marketing


A potential client has been asking questioning me why I choose to use WordPress to build my sites. In this case he was particularly interested in the advantages it gave or indeed didn’t give to someone interested in marketing to promote a small business, events or services.

Marketing is a very generic term and of course covers a very wide range of topics from real world to web.

However when I think about web marketing I principally think of two things.

1 – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – getting listed high enough in the search engines so that my content gets discovered by surfers.

2 – Creating a following and communicating with that following via blogging blogging and social media sites.


Background Color Transparency with RGBa


Using RGBa to set your background colour of HTML elements is great as it allows you to use transparency.

It looks like this:

element {background-color: rgba(255,255,255,.15);}

Super neat for rollover effects where you can set the background colour to white on the rollover state with a low transparency, in this case 0.15. This has the effect of tinting the colour underneath, and makes it easy for colour scheme changes later on.

Transparent elements look cool but in the past you have either had to set the whole div to be transparent and also effecting any text inside it, or upload transparent background images.

NB Using rgba is CSS3 and works only in the latest browsers at the moment. That is IE9, Safari 3, Firefox 3 and any version of Google Chrome. Worth setting a few fallback states.


TIP – Position Nav Under Content


When viewing a webpage app or responsive design on our mobile device it is common to see full width navigation buttons placed under the content. This gives priority to the page content in the smaller screen. You can then easily scroll to the bottom to navigate further. This of course wouldn’t be practical for a very large scrolling page for many sites it is ideal.


Why It’s Important to Sketch Before You Wireframe


I’ve had a number of conversations people as to the virtue of sketching v.s. wire framing. One reason for me is that it simply allows for many fast iterations, with less need to perfect, allowing my imagination to spark ideas. If I got straight to high fidelity wire frames I find it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

I just stumbled upon this article on the subject on the UX Movement blog. A very interesting read and one that is inline with my thinking. Read full article here.


Freakonomics Books


I have to say I absolutely loved these books when I read them. Apart from anything else they where very entertaining and an all round enjoyable read. When exclaiming my enthusiasm for them, I have periodically come up against arguments that a number of the stories in these book are inaccurate or fail to account for something or other. I think that these people are missing the point. I don’t believe every that every detail of the books isn’t infallible. New evidence and insight is gathered all the time and opinions change. However I think the point of these books is to present a different way of thinking about problems. One that is less biased by social consensus. No where do the authors claim that this should be the only way of looking at a problem. But it does provide a unique insight.


Testimonial – Juliet at Healing Waters


I was delighted with the website built for me by Sharma Yelverton. I have a niche business in the healing sector. Sharma was able to bring his expertise to bear in carefully listening to my needs and guiding me through the process in creating both a very functional and highly aesthetic website. He made timely suggestions that both streamlined my business and dramatically increased my profile on the internet. I can’t thank him enough.

Healing Waters Sanctuary