Are we coming to the end of SEO?


A great post by Mashable and echoes what I’ve been saying to my clients for several years now.

SEO is something that allot small business wrestle with and spend allot of time and money on but as google algorithms get more sophisticated is this a red herring. I’m of the opinion that increasingly it is. The key message is that google is becoming ever better at assessing content on the same level that a human would. Therefore your focus should be on producing high quality and relevant content.

Many old hat SEO techniques such as meta tag stuffing and keyword tracking simply  do not work and can even lead to damaging your rankings. It certainly serves to get clued up on the toping but there is allot of outdated information out there as well as people who take advantage of ignorance in this area so as to sell their services. For more information read the full article by Mashable here:  The Death of SEO

Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss Talk Writing, Creativity on creativeLIVE


I’m a big fan of both of these Authors. I’ve just started reading Tim’s four hour chef as we speak. There’s some really insightful stuff in this video about workflow, creativity, life style, life choices, routine. I only intended to watch a few minutes but once it got going I couldn’t stop.

Testimonial – Dave Yelverton


I just got this lovely testimonial from Dave for the site I built him.

You can see the site at

“I would like to write a few words to express my appreciation of the effort and skill Sharma has shown in constructing my business website.

As a chronic IT-phobe I have long hesitated about creating a website, despite seeing the need to advertise my services to a wider public. Sharma has made this easy for me- from my original, fumbling ideas, he has succeeded in constructing a website which has already gained me a significant increase in attention.


Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte


So I finally got my hands on the seminal work by Ethan Marcotte. I had to order it from the US but it was well worth the wait. If I didn’t have the responsive design bug before I certainly do now. This book is fun, easy to read and gives a solid foundation on responsive design principals. It is apparent to me that responsive design is nothing technically complicated, it just requires an open minded attitude towards a responsive ideology. You can pick up a copy here: A Book Apart – Responsive Web Design